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This post is written on the occasion of one year since I moved to Da Nang from Sai Gon. Da Nang today becomes more familiar in my mind.

Working and living here for one year, I have seen and experienced quite enough situations to have my own comments about this city. I beg to raise my voice about good and bad points which I myself experienced and collected from others.

Da Nang is well- known about clean and fresh tourism, literally…! Coming here, properly you can easily recognize the similarity from Singapore, although this comparison is not right at all. Local people are enough friendly and hospitable for someone to keep their good impression and a promise to come back in a soon day. No beggars, just louts but not too sticky like in Sai Gon or other travel cities. Reasonable prices in restaurant or at any souvenir store for locals and tourists. Beautiful and unpolluted beach with white sand and beach sport areas in order. Nature here easily makes everyone feel peace and refresh, if you need a spot to review or rejevenue yourself, strongly recommend you. It is here, it is here!!!

                                                                                     View from Son Tra
Da Nang is not too noisy but not very quiet, if going out falls into the rush hours, you could see the busy traffic surrounding with sounds like beeps, chat bum blah blah. Specially here everything is just right enough! Enough for tolerance, acceptance or sympathy in a big city. However, if there is no smart management in near future, Da Nang would probably become a second Sai Gon. There is a saying that this is the most deserved place for living in the country. Maybe it’s right, or wrong.
A decision for choosing a place to live is up to many factors in my view. Not only nature but also working condition includes salary, working envirnoment, working style, … except for family factor or love or any subjective ones. Properly there was not much luck for me to fall into a not-good working envirnoment when I came back here. That was a Vietnamese company where I had “chances” to be involved in hidden wars between partners and partners, which oversurpassed a wholesome competition in work! Or I gained experience to work with Vietnamese owners here, they showed much proud about themselves if I don’t say “boasting”, they consider themselves as the talented with a huge knowledge, well-  dressed, good appearance, if th ere is something wrong I bet that they will blame on circumstance or at least on others. They never say ” Iam wrong, I am sorry”. Or they have a 20-year-ago management style with family members in  important positions, or picked up every piece of talk from others to make their gossips. Everything is based on relationship, if you have a good relationship you can work in a government office for example. More important thing is working style here, I asked myself many questions around this matter why in a open city like this, people work in such way? It shouldn’t be here but maybe in a somewhere at village . Changing mind, decision, breaking contract, or trying to revise it after everything is a deal.There is no big surprise if today they say yes with a signature and stamp, tomorrow signature and stamp properly lose its power due to their change. Furthermore, as i see owners here are addicted to money than anywhere in the country. They always find the way to decrease your salary but without advance notice or keep or “steal” your money forever since you leave company. I have a foreign friend working here as a teacher, he spent into almost english centers here (not Ila or Apolo), and he faced one same situation that all owners always find to “steal” his money, they gave tons of reasons to take his money, reduced his salary, and not paying if he leaves (usually centers positively tell him to stop working there).
All of above things possibly make you unhappy or suspicious but I love Da Nang like you do. I don’t wanna draw a whole hpink picture in your eyes and mine. Always wish for better future and Da nang will be a “Singapore” of Vietnam or more than that! Welcome to Da Nang.

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Ocean from other view of mountain

Recently the “phuot” trend is more and more popular and spreads widely in the youth who are passionate in challenging discoveries. I am not a “phuot” profesional or a  member at any “phuot” club though, I love to “phuot” & share my  “phuot” expedition @ Son Tra semi-island in Da nang City.

My crew constitues 6 people on three motorbikes. We gonna discover Son Tra on a beautiful Sunday like today, and certainly we must go up to the top of Son Tra which I have thought about of many times since I came back here. I don’t remember exactly how many kilometres from the bottom to the top of the mountain, but it’s estimated to be 20-30 kms, this number doesn’t mean to a normal road. We started at 9h30 after preparing all food and drink. I suggest that it would be terrific to  be with nature and enjoy fried seafood at the top of the mountain. The road to Son Tra is quite easy and smooth, it’s said to be improved much more than before. Thanks to the city government here – Da nang deems to develop city to  become the most impressive traveling city in our country. Talking such it doesn’t mean there is no danger, the terrain here is curve and folded, especially sloping. Our motorbikes are sorted into “prince & princess” category, just living in the busy & beautiful city, so this time is not only challenge for its owner but also for itself. With the “city” motorbike, you should ensure that it’s enough strong and healthy, check the brake,  fuel, the wheels,… My “Click princess” had trouble as soon as we passed over 2/3 bottom of moutain, it’s enough far to be back but the problem is no repaired shop here. We stopped and thought whether any option for this case, we called a flexible repairer advertising  his number phone on the wall on the streetside. Here is also a tip for you guys, if your motorbike stuck in this case, don’t forget to throw your eyes on street side walls, there will have some numbers for you to call. After waiting for 30 mins, he finally appeared to mend a puncture and charged us 50000 dong that I happily agreed. Thanks to him anyway!

Our journey started again, the city was very hazy in the mist as someone uses a white net to cover it from curious eyesights. The wind touches our faces, cools our skin, refreshes our spirit,… I felt to be smaller and smaller in the majestic mountains. From this view you can see most of the city, some tiny boats are floating in the blue and quiet seawater, you can yell and shout to hear your voice back again, or throw it away and drop at one place at the bottom of sea. The road was more quiet and absent when we went deeply inside and higher. There are some resorts here I indeed don’t understand whether any customers would come here to stay…Maybe businessmen have sharp eyes on opportunities to catch up or the far foresee in the long-term future. Upper and upper we seemed to fall into thousands of trees at the both streetsides, more and more sloping road which made me fell breath-taking to drive. I ever imaged at home before the trip that the terrain would be rough, curve and angled or even slippery due to bad weather recently though, I decided to drive to experience my feelings, a bit adventurous and risky but indeed intriguing…!!! And more esp. I took my abroad friend sitting behind me. My motorbike is not designed to climb moutain, not so strong to guarantee whether it would go back instead going up on the sloping road, therefore my friends extreme surprised when I sped over and left them far. In the middle of enormous moutain, I don’t know what would happen if the motorbike has a flat or any unexpected accident, I recommend that you should bring inner tubes, tools to repair just in case.

A deserved pix after a long trip. Photo @ the top of Son Tra

Finally, we touched the top of Son Tra semi-island, not like our expectation it’s just a chip highest point of a mountain, from the bottom to the top view, it looks so wild as a lazy landlord forgets to organize or equip furniture for it, left it in a lonely space under the yearly sun and rain. There is no big tree thereabout, just brushes surrounding and old stone stairs to lead to the top, a small tent with a table inside is made for by-passers to sit and relax, enough for 8-10 persons. At the top, there is a chess table with an fairy man waiting for his competitor for years. After browsing and making some postures for photograph, we decided go down to find a tent for stop and seafood barbecue. There are two ways to go to Son Tra, head toward Linh Ung Pagoda or in Tien Sa harbour way, we went up along Linh Ung Pagoda, so now we went down with Tien Sa harbour, which is much easier, flat and shorter. It seems local government here knows there would have some tourists to visit this destination, so they built some small tents at streetside for free so that tourists can stop for rest and have fun. In total, I guess there are 3-4 tents like that. It was lucky for us when a group was leaving a big tent to continue their journey, we stopped there and displayed all food for a hearty meal. We brang one kilo of cuttle fishes, shrimps, pomelo, fried beef, fruits and ready-made spice for 7 people enough (a guy, who  came here alone, we met in a tent so we invited him to join us). Some times there were another groups passed by and extremely interested in our big food, we had a cake to celebrate birthday for a mem in group. So funny and memoriable moments together in a such natural mountain.

About 3pm we decided to down the mountain, the landscape appeared in front of us like in a picture. Blue ocean, a misty city, small boats floating on the water, trees and angled moutains…!!! If it’s so sloping to be up, now vice versa I must control my scooter carefully and specially paid attention on brake, we needn’t start the engine, let it run naturally. What’s an economic way to save fuel!

The journey finished about at 4pm, which is fitting our first plan. We were glad and satified with the journey. If you have chance to come to Da Nang, do not pass it!

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